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Our Team



Rob has been the owner of GoodHealth Pharmasave since it opened its doors in 2007. He likes working with Pharmasave because of its quality brand, but also because he is able to remain independent - these two things allow Rob to better serve his customers, his employees and his community. Rob has BSc in Biology from St. Mary’s in Halifax, and a BSc in Pharmacy from Dalhousie. He enjoys playing hockey, golf and baseball and spending time with Tanya, Alex and Dylan. 




Post Office Manager

Susan has been working at the Canada Post Outlet at GoodHealth Pharmasave since it partnered with the store in December 2011. She enjoys getting to know the customers as well as providing the quality and caring assistance she knows they appreciate.  Susan is a grandma, she loves her family, cross-stitching, and gardening.


Post Office Clerk

Sarah loves her job because there is something really interesting about mail - “there is a science around how a package gets from here to there – it’s amazing really.” Plus, she is too loud to work at a library. Sarah has been working at GoodHealth Pharmacy since February 2012 and enjoys the daily customer interaction. Besides working at the pharmacy, Sarah is a trained actor and received her theatre arts degree from Algonquin College. She continues to be a part of plays and performances within the city of Ottawa. 

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